Anil Kumar, (Owner), Ankita Overseas,New Delhi

Anil Kumar,

I am delighted to see, your professional way to handle your assignments and a personalized touch by your manager Bhupesh Ji, I am specifically impressed with your workflow system that never allows you to skip any significant instruction. I regularly attend the local and influential business group networking events and it has been a pleasure to be able to pay you back in some way by giving my wholehearted and thorough recommendation to these groups on what is a breath of fresh air in the Accounting industry in this area.

Om Kumar, (Director), Blue Earth Software Private Limited ,New Delhi

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and professionalism regarding an enquiry I made at the 11th hour so to speak. It is so refreshing to receive a prompt and professional service. I do wish you every success, as you deserve it. Thank you again,

Neeraj Chhibba, (President),Indian subcontinent, Nagarro Inc

Firstly, may I congratulate you on a highly successful recruitment drive for the role of Executive Manager, the standard of all Candidates you sent was highly appreciative and selection was really as per our expectation and hoping to give due satisfaction in terms of performance and discipline. Thank you to your team at neusource for exemplary efforts throughout the process. Further, I have been impressed with your approach and style of working by Neusource and from what I have seen to date, I have in fact already forwarded your name to a couple of my freinds. Please take care, Best of Luck for future.

Vijay Kumar Kohli (Admin & Accounts Head), Warm Group, Bhiwadi

Your Manager Mr. Rajesh Kumar is a very competent and committed expert and we spent many a long evenings together last month working into the fiscal year ending works; each and every aspect of our Accounts departments & Tax compliances. Evenunder those stressful conditions he was always fun to be with and the quality of the end results of our efforts were plain to see. At the time of working together his accounting and team management knowledge was exceptional and in spite of being an outsider, he wasn’t fazed by the tasks that I have had difficulty in controlling.

Achintya Mishra, (Vice President Finance), ECL Engineering Services India (P) Ltd,New Delhi

Neusource are thorough professional, paying great attention to detail while always seeing the bigger picture. Their service combines excellent technical knowledge with good management skills and clear, confident communications abilities. I meticulously enjoyed working with Neusource and relied on their technical knowledge and professionalism in carrying out my professional outsourcing requirements. A great asset to any organization!

CS Rahul Agarwal, (Director), Sunrise Finsol Pvt. Ltd ,New Delhi

As a Financial advisor for over 35 years I have seen and had personal experience with many accounting service organizations & operation providers. This team was ‘tops’ and I would be very happy to suggest them to any of our clients in the future. Keep up the excellent work and I am sure your business will continue to flourish with such brilliant ‘up-front’ ambassadors.”

Rakesh Mathur, (Director), JVIS Ptd Ltd,New Delhi

Hemant is a switched on young accountant who is in step with time and technology, he is a thorough professional and a good gentleman, a pleasure to work with Hemant is not run of the mill accountant of old times but a modern technology driven professional with high ethics & patience. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others, he will always prove helpful.

Naresh Garg, (Director), SIG Systems Pvt. Ltd,New Delhi

Hemant is a person who takes his work seriously and deliver it on time. He values integrity & precision. As a auditor does not succumb to any pressure and gives the just & fair report

CA Vikas Wadhawan, (CFO), PropTigre Realty,New Delhi

I have worked with Hemant on a Project and Hemant was working as one of the Key service provider of the project. Hemant and his team is hard working and dedicated. They takes up the responsibility and puts their best of the effort to ensure the best of the delivery from their side. 

O P Agarwal, (Director), Natraj Drums,New Delhi

The consultant you sent to us was brilliant. We were somewhat sceptical of the endeavour and he really turned us around. He was thorough in the analysis of our operations. I think with the expert advice and insight he provided us, implementation of his valuable advice would be the best for us to increase our efficiency and make us more competitive.

Manmohan Malik, (CMD), Himalya international Limited,New Delhi

I have found your Audit staff as Young & energetic. You have really clustered a strong team. I have been working with you since last Four years and always found your team as excellent performer specifically in the area of drafting & their problem solving approach. You manage your subordinates very well remotely, I appreciate your system & discipline you maintain within your organization. I had an idea of what changes were needed for my organization, but the technical assessment provided by your team in every aspect of our workings like infrastructure, software solutions, client solutions, team hierarchy were just tremendous and helped a lot in assessing our whole business scenario. It was very valuable to have an objective assessment of our processes, and validation that we are in fact performing at a high level, through workflow developed by your team.

R P Saraswat, (CFO), Warm Group of Companies,New Delhi

I have found neusource operational execution as simple but still structured process, which had a positive influence on motivation and job satisfaction on their staff deputed at our location. They really look deeper through the walls to provide clarity concerning what is expected and feedback. It helped us to set specific objectives for our shop floor and also helped us to improve our costing and manufacturing losses. It led to a better communication to set the pace for better working environment. It helped me clearly define the objectives and targets which should be stated in quantitative terms and should include behavioral expectations. Thanks a lot!!

Mudit Khurana, (Director), Rooja Fashions Private Limited,New Delhi

It was motivating for me to receive candid advice from industry savvy professional regarding ways in which I can improve my business. Conductive criticism that was unbiased and was just what was needed to inspire a change for the better. The much needed support helped the uniformity of the information, and stimulated the entire work structure to be much more open and willing to deliver.

Gurpreet bedi, (Director), Tack Innovation, New Delhi

You have made a wonderful system of cost analysis on tally. Also the outsourced job was undertaken efficiently to score high on skill variety, task identity, task significance, and autonomy and task feedback. Your team is highly proficient in use of different Accounting Software and techno-savvy.

Pradeep Kumar, (Director), Web Reinvent Technologies Private Limited, New Delhi

My company was just a start-up and I needed a reliable source, which I can look forward to build my accounting as reliable and who can keep me out of tense from various statutory compliances for the business. So as to enable myself and my team to concentrate on other areas of our business. One of my friend referred me to Mr. Jai and Neusource. Who not only worked-towards the streamlining the accounting of my organization, but also gave me his expert consulting on how to handle different scenarios, especially the financial and auditing ones. I must say, that without him, I still would have lurking around to get my venture mounting.

R L Nayyar, (Director), Gee Kay Gourmet Private Limited, New Delhi

Your client service and dedication of your staff towards clients experience is excellent!!! So many companies are now-a-days having separate customer service departments, however in the field of Accounting; it is great to find a company that cares its client experience and delivers the right output. You will have my business for a long time to come. I tell all my friends about your service quality, and now I can add "Effective client and vendor responses & settlement" to my praises. Thanks for you your comprehensive accounting support that helped me wider my goals and reach.

Chetan Anand, (Director), Island Brokers Private Limited , New Delhi

I had a start-up business, and I thank you for the extra time and effort you guys have put in to offer your insightful services to make my organization’s workforce culture, as lively one. I am overwhelmed, pleasured and impressed by the high quality of client support demonstrated by your Director Mr Hemant. I wish every outsourcing agency had the same ethics. Integrity and compassion towards my work, along with the requisite knowledge of each and every aspect of my organization- technical, infrastructural, financial, assessments, employee management etc. everything was just great. Handful thanks to your Team.

Manik chopra, (Partner), Advance Polymers, New Delhi

An important element to effectively operate my business was the development of a professional Finance and Accounting system through an efficient workforce. Therefore we spent a lot of time researching to find out who was the best in the market to do this for us. We heard about hemant and his team Neusource. We were delighted, we found them. As the quality of work and attention to detail, hemant and his team displayed throughout the build-up was impressive and insightful. The major problems that we sorted out were, staff turnover, regular and reliable MIS, regular statutory updates and regular watch on our Accounts. We were extremely fortunate to have found Neusource and our business has been running as a distinct advantage over our competitors.

Paramveer Jain, (Director), Excel Printers Private Limited,New Delhi

My decision to engage your company for our Accounting outsourcing had as much to do with your swift, accurate, and competent response to my technical question as it do with the implementation itself. Keep up the great work! It really is a pleasure to run across a company that does things as well as Neusource does. Documentation carried out by your staff & well promoted motivation and job engagement descriptions in my organization. The assessment of job was top-of the-class on most dimensions, with emphasized inputs to ensure services are delivered to the client without disruption.

Kuldeep singh, (Director), Kuldeep label Private Limited, New Delhi

I want to tell you that dealing with your company has been an absolute pleasure. From my first steps with accounting solutions to comprehensive assurance services, Mr. Jai led me through the thick and thin of all. Thank you and all those who work with you for the high level of professionalism you demonstrate and for the customer Service!!

Pradeep Jain, (Director), Futuristic Robotics Private Limited, New Delhi

Thank You Guys So MUCH! And I really appreciate your hard work & steady efforts. Not something I'm used to when dealing with outsourcing companies. I really appreciate all of your assistance and your promptness. Integrating with the new technologies had never been so much easier for me but for your support only, it makes a big difference to me. I am very impressed with your company and all of you from our past 3 years of relationship, it's why I'll stay with Neusource.

P K Vijay, (Managing Director), Bar Tech Systems Private Limited, New Delhi

I was amazed that how, immediately after commencing into my Assignment, Neusource helped me to formulate the excellent working culture and accounting system. It just made my work into a soaring adventure that I was able to estimate my actual cost of operations and so profit. I was not sure this company's customer service would be very much help. Well I was wrong! Thanks everyone at Neusource; I wish you all the best!!

Deepak Mittal, (Director), Techlab Autogas Private Limited, New Delhi

You guys seems to have done an extensive research with respect to accounts outsourcing jobs and managing the mismanaged accounts, you have equipped a good team, and you are really good in making systems. Our Auditors seems to be happy now, we face very minimal hassles in annual audit as compared to our situations before your commencement of our assignment. Your MIS reports help us in day to day decision making. Your executives are flexible & have Positive attitude.

Himanshu Arora, (Director), ACME Tradex Private Limited, New Delhi

When I first thought of firstly about accounts outsourcing in my company, many people including my co-director and my elder brother suggested me against that. They thought that handling Accounting, Auditing and financial system through an outsourcing agency would prove to be a risky charge. Initially, they all seemed right, but then I encountered a chance to deal with NeuSource, and wow! They completely overhauled my working pattern, making my slow accounting into a profitable cover. It could not have been achieved without you. Thanks a lot!!

Abdul Rab Khan, (Director), AF Wealth Advisors Private Limited, New Delhi

Can I nominate your enterprise for a service responsiveness award? In all the projects I've dealt with you, you have never failed to respond promptly and stick with me until the issue was resolved. Your speed of response has got to be the best. And your technical explanations are always brilliant. From a totally committed client and fan, THANKS! "

Arun Jain, (Director), Jonson Tapes Limited, New Delhi

After commencement of your visits we have noticed a big change in our Accounting and statutory compliances, Neusource helped us to systematize the work culture that I had always been dreaming, it just made my company into an elevated drive that I was not sure; this company's customer service was of very much help. Well I was wrong! Thanks everyone at Neusource; I wish you all the best!!

Uttam Juneja, (Director), Sadem India Limited, New Delhi

Neusource has helped us a lot in our past 3 years relationship, your manager is having a Good hand in drafting of reports & you have developed a good dedicated team, they are friendly, Computer savvy and know each and every technical domain, we need not to go anywhere for any services that is being provided by neusource.